Total Waste Management

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Innovative Solutions

Our expert team will assess your sites and waste processes and offer you innovative solutions to accommodate all of your waste needs. We will provide guidance and support every step of the way whilst keeping your costs under control and keep you updated on legislation and compliance.

Recovering Value from Waste

Our experienced team constantly monitor and assess the complex and ever changing recyclate markets. We will continually look to recover the best value for your Company, we have the knowledge, the expertise and the specialist know-how to get you the best deals available.

Contract Management

We manage your contracts from the creation to execution to maximise performance and control costs. We endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations throughout the whole process, taking the pressure and workload off your valuable resources, leaving them to manage your core business.

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“TWM is not just about getting your waste and recycling collected, it’s the total package. The continuity and the peace of mind, so you can concentrate on your core business Dave – TWM Contract Manager

Innovative Solutions

We have a dedicated team at Highfield who spend their days helping customers get the best possible arrangements in place to deal with their waste. We fully understand the relevant legislation and we keep close to the market to make sure that we know exactly what is available. New treatment processes are being developed all of the time which means we may be able to put a lower and more efficient cost solution into place. waste managementnon-hazardous waste

In one region we were aware that local Anaerobic Digestion plants were competing for the same scarce input materials. We, through our expertise and knowledge of waste, proposed a stream that had been rejected elsewhere, but in this region the material was accepted at a lower gate fee than the existing treatment facility. This change enabled us to secure a lower priced waste outlet for our client.

Another Highfield customer, who has sites nationally, sought our advice asked us to run a ‘zero to landfill’ programme for them. This involved working closely with our customer and looking at both the source and destination of each waste stream. We were able, through our experience of the waste markets, to reduce the waste arisings and we also identified recovery solutions for a number of other streams. This programme was completed in half of the original scheduled timescale.

Recovering Value from Total Waste Management

recyclinghazardous wasteIt is much publicised in the press and media that recycled waste markets fluctuate significantly and quickly. Currently, this is due to import restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities which are being implemented by increased and strict quality requirements. We, at Highfield, understand how these markets work and we are able to make sure that our Customers get the best value for their waste streams.

We work closely with our customers to reduce the contamination of streams or to change waste collection companies. We know that when the markets move upwards, waste collectors are slow to pass on the benefit – a nationwide view of this competitive market allows us to make sure that we get you the best prices.

Our nationwide buying power means that we command some of the best recyclates rates available and it also means that when the markets slump we still get your waste collected

Those who fail to build relationships with suppliers, often lose their outlets and are faced with no choice than general disposal

Contract Management

We have a dedicated Total Waste Management team with an array of industry experience and knowledge and by working with our audited waste partners we are able to offer this service nationwide.

We start the process with a site visit and complete a waste audit totally free of charge. Based on our findings we will then put together a Total Waste Management solution to meet your requirements.

  • We have a dedicated Total Waste Management Team
  • We put systems in place
  • We provide continuous improvements
  • We ensure you are compliant at all times
  • We keep you updated with legislation
  • We manage your costs efficiently
  • We provide a comprehensive total waste management service bespoke to you
  • We evaluate your waste
  • We provide KPI reports
  • We provide you with your own dedicated account manager
  • We provide a service, tailored to your needs
  • We provide full audit trails
  • We are here for you…………………………………………………….

landfill disposalcloFrom the initial contract set up through to carefully allocating our waste partners to carry out work, every part of the process is audited in line with current legislation ensuring compliance, keeping you ahead of the game.

Work is booked in with our dedicated team via phone or email, a suitable date and time is agreed with the site and is then followed up by a confirmation e-mail.

Following collections and at an agreed timeframe, Highfield can offer bespoke reports, based around agreed KPI’s. These can range from type of material, to timeframes of collections.

We at Highfield also monitor the complex recycling market to ensure we maximise the value in your recyclable materials. We do this by monitoring rebate prices with our waste partners and selecting the best option for you.

Account management is carried out by our team of account managers, with visits to site in a timeframe agreed with you. These meetings are to monitor the performance of the site according to the KPI’s.

Bespoke Contract Reporting

Our Team delivers and designs bespoke reports to enhance how you monitor your waste and recycling performance.

Tailor made reports to ensure that you have all of the information and data when you need it

Key performance Indicators

We work closely with you and agree KPI’S with you and offer updates on a regular basis.

Our reports will provide you with the control and information you need to ensure accurate forecasting and budgeting

Active Ongoing Support

We have an experienced and dedicated support team and we offer each Company a dedicated team member to deal with all your bespoke waste requirements.

You have a problem, we have the solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Highfield Environmental can help you to embrace responsibility for your Company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees and local communities.


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